Migración – Transformación Inteligente de CCM

The system change as an impulse for successful customer communication of the future

When the life cycle of a CCM solution comes to an end, this means replacing the basic customer communication system. This is always associated with considerable effort.

  • Migrating document templates and modules – often in large numbers
  • Adapting interfaces to the peripheral systems
  • Carrying out tests and quality controls

However, there are good reasons that justify such a project effort, for example when print and output systems are no longer able to meet the requirements of modern customer communication. Or because systems established on the market such as DOPiX or Assentis are being discontinued and need to be replaced.

The positive side of this situation

Whatever the reasons for the change, we believe that this situation can be seen as an opportunity. As an opportunity to tackle issues such as successful customer communication, long-term customer loyalty and positive customer experiences. This means putting the quality and future viability of the CCM solution to the test. Because its performance is becoming increasingly important for the future success of your company.

Una lista de control

  • Number of templates/modules
  • Central resource management
  • Consistent document processes
  • Media discontinuity in the back office
  • Media discontinuity in customer dialog
  • Clear, understandable language or «plain language»
  • Addressing specific target groups
  • Accessibility

These issues go far beyond a 1:1 migration, but they are crucial for the strategic direction and future success of your customer communication and are therefore unavoidable – now or later.

The advantages of the kwsoft® Migration Service

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Unique expertise and experience for your migration

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Technologically leading CCM solution Serie M/

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No media discontinuity – end-to-end digital processes

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Comprehensive connectivity to specialist systems/standard solutions


Serie M/ On-premises, in the cloud or as a SaaS offering

Cómo dominar la migración a CCM

¡Más información sobre la comunicación con cliente del futuro!

Our partner network

Together with our partner companies, we offer numerous tools and services to provide you with highly efficient support during CCM migration. Our aim is not only to master the current challenges of a migration confidently and efficiently, but also to make your customer communication fit for the future. Because a powerful CCM solution makes a significant contribution to the long-term market success of your company.

These are the partner companies, some of whom we have been working with on a basis of trust for years. They complement and enrich our migration services. This means you always receive the right offer – tailored precisely to your requirements:


Combined know-how

Together with its top-class partner network, kwsoft® offers a unique range of expertise in the field of migration, with each partner covering a clearly defined area.

  • ery competent project management thanks to the software manufacturer’s experienced consulting team
  • Highest performance and security thanks to end-to-end document processes from Serie M/
  • Reach every target group appropriately on the right channel – responsive, dialog-oriented, barrier-free with omnichannel output management
  • TOP technology: «Cloud-ready» operation in a container or on premises
  • Operational reliability: verify correct output after migration/update with regression tests
  • Maximum certainty in decision-making thanks to a preliminary analysis of your resources (unique on the market)
  • Perfect migration of content and logic into the original, immediately usable target format M/TEXT TONIC (proportion depending on the source system)
  • Savings potential of up to 90% compared to manual transformation
  • Consolidation of resources at semantic, logical or technical level – if necessary in coordination with the specialist department
  • Optional: optimization of the customer approach, editorial processes, automatic consolidation of redundancies
  • Competent project teams with kwsoft-certified employees
  • Flexibly scalable contingent of experts for all upcoming tasks.

Durante todo el proyecto de migración, que suele constar de varias fases, usted decide qué servicios utiliza, cuándo y en qué medida, y qué ruta de migración toma en última instancia, en consonancia con su estrategia de IT y su planificación de recursos.

Proven, comprehensive expertise

The special thing about this migration offer is the enormous range of specialist knowledge that is available to us through the experts at the participating companies. On the other hand, this cooperation has already proven itself in numerous projects with companies such as Sparkassenversicherung, Baloise, Gothaer and others. In these and other migration projects, we were able to gain valuable experience together with semantics in the migration of source formats such as:

  • DOPiX
  • MS Word
  • Papyrus
  • winBK
  • Further projects with formats such as Assentis DocFamily are nearing completion.

Communication and interaction with customers are decisive factors in competitiveness. Increase the efficiency and quality of your customer communication in the long term and ensure that you also adequately address the demanding customers of tomorrow.

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